Ees and his Kombi again!


Fresh from a performance in Egypt, Namibiaís German based artist Ees is now planning on a new YouTube project called #RoadTripNamibia ñ inviting overseas celebrities to Namibia in his highly popular, Volkswagen Kombi.
ìI am bringing a number of Western celebs to come down and taste the culture and the lifestyle, so they tell their people about it so we can spread the NAM Flava style even more,î he said from this Cologne base.
An Ees music video is bizarre without his German-made Volkswagen Kombi against the backdrop of the Kalahari. For the Wuma energy drink creator, this is more than just a signature for his videos, it is a lifestyle.
ìI donít need an expensive car as an established artist ñ I drive my two kombis wherever I go. Sometimes it takes me much longer to get from A to B ñ but the pleasure in driving an old classic car like that is so much worth the travel.î
Draped in a floppy cap, T-shirt and Converse-type trainers, all decorated with the Namibian flag, there are plans to make the kombi part of his Kora performance this month.

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