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Langerhans @ 70

Starting your own business from the ground up can be a monumental endeavour but continuing the legacy of a pharmacy with a 70-year history can be just as tricky. For husband and wife duo, Adino Tré and Kim Dreyer-Tré that is just what they have been doing with Langerhans Pharmacy.

Tucked in the cosy corner of Ausspanplatz in the capital, the pharmacy has existed since the late 40s and it is its great service and a willingness to go the extra mile that has seen them excel throughout the decades.

Since 2001 when they became part of the Langerhans team and finally bought it over, they took up the challenge of continuing a 70-year-old legacy.

In fact, “We remember one of our oldest customers, an elderly lady who insisted she remembered coming to the store in 1946. For us, that is both a compliment and a challenge to keep providing excellent service,” says Kim.

It is this pharmaceutical approach that has allowed people to confide personal health issues in them. One normal day at Langerhans is never the same as the next.

The company boasts of four pharmacists with a combined 60-year experience, a diverse team from different walks of life. Their multiculturalism is the imprint on the legacy of Langerhans.

“We make it a point to employ people with different kinds of skill sets as different tribes and backgrounds offer different talents.

We try to include everyone which teaches you to be able to work well with different people,” Adino tells Us.

The motto of Langerahans is that people remember how they were treated more than the treatment that they received.

With an Engineering degree, Adino helps run the admin, fiancé and other aspects of the business, while Kim, who holds a B Pharm degree (Bachelor of Pharmacy) and has been working in the pharmacy industry since the age of 16 keeps the ship organised and managed.

But, “business is business and personal life is personal life and they should be kept separate. We have found a great working dynamic but if ever we disagree on anything we have a great diverse team that allows us to wisely make decisions that improve our customers’ lives,” says Kim.

While another place would turn down a customer who is short of the funds required for the ailment, Adino says they always try and offer them an alternative to suit their budget

In fact, they are one of the few operating pharmacies that still accepts government medical aid. While this can sometimes work to their detriment, he stresses that government has been a key partner in offering service to people.

Of course, great service and medicine is not their only asset. The popular Green Cross is their flagship product, as well as an array of perfumes, from Hugo Boss to Calvin Klein.

For the next 70 years, the legacy of great service at Langerhans is what Kim and Adino aim to please.

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