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How do you tell her your shotgun goes off within seconds?

Complications of the manís pelvic area have long punished relationships all over the world.

Namibians seeking change would have to travel long distances to neighbouring countries, but it appears the solution may have come closer to home.

Dr. Keletso Nyathi runs the Menís Clinic in Maerua Mall Windhoek and after being operational only for a month, the clinic gets not less than five patients and over 50 enquiries a day.

ìThe guys are shy, but at the same time they want a solution to their problem so we are really getting good responses,î says Gershwin Swarthand, the doctorís assistant.

The manís sex organ can succumb to a number of obstacles, such as premature ejaculation and low libido, but the one driving a number of folk to the Menís Clinic is erectile dysfunction.

ìAbout 70 percent of the men coming through our doors have a weak erection. They are usually 40 or older and generally, this is the age when this becomes an issue, but they come because they want that last push,î says Swarthand.

But what causes this?

ìOne in ten men who smokes will experience a weak erection later in life, while two in ten who are overweight and three in ten who have high or low blood pressure will. A lot of it is about our previous actions catching up with us. When you drink too much, your arteries narrow down which means not enough blood is going to the penis. One of our treatments helps enhance your arteries,î Swarthand tells us.

Dr Nyathi shows us to his room, which he says is more than just a consulting room, but the inception of transformation.

ìWe donít just want to fix the immediate problem, because we know sex affects relationships. In fact, sex can even be linked to the wider gender based violence issue and we know if this will also be addressed if the former is solved,î he says.

The clinic of course does not only cater to old married men. There are also plenty of clients in their mid-20s reaching out and many of them are complaining about the size of their ëmembersí being inadequate to satisfy their partners.

ìWe have means to help them grow, but the key thing is to know that it is not about the length or width but the consistency of erection. We also find out that many of the men who come here have also tried other methods like Viagra and Cialis tablets, which have a lot of side effects like diarrhoea and dilutes the blood. Our medication only has one side effect, which is that the erect penis might not go down, but then again, many of our clients are seeking exactly that,î he concludes.

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