Law By Day, Hip-Hop By Night

Alot of big firm lawyers we know have exactly zero hobbies. Ah, they might do some time on a treadmill a couple times a week or boldly claim that to follow politics. Some might know about the English Premiership or be able to tell you a bit about farming.

But in terms of real hobbies, productive hobbies —like go-carting or playing sport or backyard gardening — lawyers aren’t much for it. And, truthfully, who can blame them? Their lives are work and family (and often in that order). More work. More family. More work, work, work.

With that preface behind us, let’s introduce Tangeni Aupindi, a qualified lawyer who currently serves as an Administrator for the government, in fact, he is the only one in Namibia who registers Trusts for the government. He’s also quite made a name for himself with his “hobby.”

Once night falls, Tangeni becomes the artist we know as Giggz. Crazy huh? Peep an excerpt from one of his songs below;

“How the hell will I lose/if the formula I use/guarantees that my shine won’t fuse. I’m a different kind of fabric/ I’m the one making these guys look average/.”

Tangeni doesn’t seem like a lawyer. The Khomasdal resident comes off scholarly and patient, not slick and fast-talking. It’s as though he has been sent to look for papers at the High Court.

Then you start talking and quickly understand why he’s been a prosecutor in Grootfontein magistrate at just 27, working on more than 200 cases from fraud, murderers to robbers’ etcetera.

With a law degree under his belt, he scaled back his courtroom appearances in order to grow his musical reach.

Quips Tangeni, “In the courtroom, you don’t have a lot of free time. Between 8 to 5 you have to be in the courtroom and then there are appeals. I decided to focus on admin work for now which affords me more free time.”

Over the past year, he has topped the Taffy Top 10 which streams across SADC for several weeks, and his latest video, Real Ones has accumulated almost 4 thousand views.

There’s savvy and a sense of long-term vision. He understands musicians in a way that could only come from having been steeped in hip-hop culture practically since birth.

“I really love this stuff,” Giggz says, his professorial spectacles and a blue suit standing out. “The people I’ve worked with get that. They’re like, ‘He actually listens to my stuff?’”

Giggz rose to fame when he began writing songs for then RnB hotshot, Bethold and was part of the writing team that got Floritha her first Nama (Best RnB) award for the song I Owe it All to You. Additionally, he has written songs for Lady May, K.K, Tulisan, D Jay and Bethold.

There’s a deeper bond between him and the craft than most lawyers because he’s passionate about and understands the importance of quality and legacy.

Its such traversing between the Giggz and the Tangeni character that has landed him a lucrative partnership with Sugar King, besides the numerous corporate gigs that he is getting lately.

On the 1st of September, he took over Sugar King’s live Facebook stream (Sugar-Stream). Sugar-Stream is a part of Sugar King’s live monthly stream to its viewers where local celebs get to take over their account.

“I want to be the blueprint for every grade 8 learner seeing me rap and wants to follow. That you can still study and be successful in music,” Tangeni says.

Born and raised in Okahandja, Giggz chose law over studying medicine in Russia or Ukraine as many locals have done because he wanted to be at home, rapping.

He started rapping in 2009 under the banner Hot Chocolate, but the crew soon became defunct after super hip hop producer Eclipse died in a car accident.

He picked up the pen for himself again in February 2016 after spending years writing for others.

“With that, I’m working on my first album which releases in October and I’m hoping to do something special with it,” says Giggz.

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